Tuesday, 7 June 2016


                                                   Mother's Day 20/5/16

In the holidays we had Mother’s day on Sunday I just forgot my mum and dad are coming back from Fiji.
It was lovely because we baked pancakes  for my
Nana and waffles and she loved it.
But when my Mum and dad came back from Fiji we surprised her. When We surprised her she was delighted we surprised her with flowers as well and my big sister gave my our  Mum Michael hill earrings she said it was from was from our big brother  but he bought it with his own money my Nana and uncle and aunty hugged her  and my medium sister was surprised.

After that we had a feast we ate Cake,Pudding,Ice cream and trifle. The trifle was yum there was M&ms
In it and jelly and chocolate after that me and my little
brother and my cousin were playing in the trampoline
It was fun because we were playing wrestling next
We went inside to the house and I gave my Mum money.

I gave my Mum money because I didn't have anything  to give to her so I just gave her money. She said thank you then she offered me chocolate and then I said thank you then I hugged her then I went to sleep.

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