Monday, 17 September 2018

Fraction Screencastify

Learn: I learnt to explain the larger fraction out of 1/3 and 2/5

Friday, 7 September 2018

100 Words Challenge

Friday 7th September 2018
“He shoots, he scores, the crowd goes wild”. I was wild when Kyrie Irving scored the last point for the Boston Celtics, I jumped and piggy backed my big brother and We cheered together. Everybody went near the court and got his autograph, My brother and I ran down there took a picture and got his autograph.

When Kyrie turned around, his flesh was coming off like he was wearing a mask. When I went into the toilet I saw the real Kyrie Irving tied and had a apple in his mouth, I took the apple out of his mouth and he said “The fake Kyrie hit me with a dart and I fainted”.

Rugby Report

Friday 7th September 2018 Rugby Report
On Wednesday most of the boys from Room 5 and Room 7 went to Varsity for the
rugby tournament. The boys and I were in the rugby uniforms,
When we arrived at Varsity we walked to the field and put the mat on the grass.
When we got there Point England was already there,
the boys and I were playing a game of rugby.
After we played Hamish our coach called
us to comeback in so we can prepare for our game,
The year 7 & 8 boys first game was against the Point England Barbarians.

We lost to them by 1 try and so the score was 3 - 4,
We moved on to our next game.
My position was lock so that means I have to clean out the ruck so the
halfback can take the ball. Our next game was against Bailey Road,
People were getting feisty and they were arguing with us, we also lost to them by 4 nil.

Our 3rd game was against Glen Innes, Viane bumped off the boy and it went BANG!,

As the Viane ran again it went BOOM! as he bumped him off again.
As we lost to Glen Innes it was tiring,
But I still wanted to play because it was a great day even though we lost, we still tried and put our effort in to it.

Friday, 24 August 2018

100 Words Challenge

Friday 24th August 2018
Prompt - Why wouldn't I do that...
Why wouldn’t I do that because there are girls and boys that don’t know me.When I entered the place it was so fancy, there were girls in dresses, boys in Tuxedos and they were all looking at me.I was looking at them as well and there was this buff guy and he had a name-tag on him and it said “Bouncer”, I went and asked him why are people staring at me and he said because your not wearing fancy clothes.

I quickly ran back to my home showered and change into my tuxedo and then ran back to the place, people stopped staring at me and enjoyed their meal.After when I was finish eating this girl came and sat next to me.
This is my 100 words challenge and I have more than 100 words, I have 126 words.

Religious Education

Friday, 17 August 2018

100 Words Challenge

Learn: I am learning to write a narrative writing using prompts.

Collection of writing prompts- quote and images
One day I was delivering watermelons to people  and suddenly water was rushing down the road.I tried to drift and the water was already here and the watermelons fell out.I quickly tried to grab it but I fell into the water.I tried to stand up and people were looking at me and I told them to help me pick up the watermelons or else they are not having any.
I quickly drove away with the watermelons because I had to change into other clothes.When I changed into other clothes I went to deliver more watermelons, when I finished delivering the watermelons I was really tired.After I came back it was a complete flood.

Early Church

Learn: I am learning to find information about the early church communities.