Friday, 10 January 2020

W4 - Day 5 - #3 Summer Learning Journey Reflection

W4 - Day 5 - #2 Text Graphic

W4 - Day 5 - #1 Royal Family

I wasn't able to watch the video but I think their good dancers, I also like that when they dance, their facials are serious, I don't think they need to improve because they are alright.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

W4 - Day 4 - #3 Street Art

Image result for christchurch street art  Image result for christchurch street art
Similarities: they are both art, they both have black in it, they both have light colors in it
Differences: one picture has a man in it and other has letters, the man art has less detail in it

W4 - Day 4 - #2 Tapa Cloth

W4 - Day 4 - #1 27 names

27 names got their name from themselves because first they started as Love Lies Bleeding in 2006, and then they discovered that a US Company copied their name so they renamed themselves 27 names because there were 27 people who supported their business along the way.

W4 - Day 3 - #3 Famine

I would participate in a 20 hour famine because I would want to raise money for charity and give it to the people in uganda so that they don't starve.