Thursday, 16 March 2017

Green Space

LEARN: I explored the living creatures at our green space at school.
At our green space there are insects, trees and plants. Our green space is filled with rubbish like plastic bottles and food packs. It is at the back of our classrooms.  It is very damp and sheltered.   It has beautiful daisy. Birds come and stand on the trees.
unnamed (2).jpg


  1. Hi George,

    My names Talita and I'm one of your quad bloggers. Its so cool that your school has a green space. Could you just tell me other sort of plants in the green space?


  2. Hi George

    This is a really good blog post. i really like your blog post but i think you should add some more juicy vocab.

  3. My name is William I think its nice to read but you should put some more writing in to it but you did a good job on this and you could tell as some more about the plants. and I have a blog to. and my blog link this right here.`