Sunday, 4 September 2016

Fathers day card

5/9/16 This my thank you letter to my dad for fathers day this Sunday

Dear Dad You are the best dad that I ever had in the world .Thank you for all the fun years You're the coolest dad on earth.You made me laugh when I was upset. We went to somewhere to eat when I was hungry. You turned the music up on the radio and we cruised down the street in our car.You and me cooked marshmallows on the campfire outside. You helped me when something went wrong.We ate dinner,breakfast, and lunch together. You shared your blanket with me when I am cold.You were never angry at me.You were kind and polite you made me sleep with hot milk.We went on roller coasters together.
You surprised me when I came back from school you supported me at my rugby games we laughed together I just want to say have a wonderful fathers day. happy fathers from George.

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